Personal Style: Spring Romance

There was this period, right after junior high, when I started wrapping handkerchiefs around my neck. My Naana, amused by this phase in my sense of style bought me the bandana I am wearing here. My very first bandana and the most unique I have yet seen. These days it brings to mind fond memories of Mother's Mother.
Orange and pink, two of my favorite colors in a necklace from the closet of one of my first buyers. She sent me a note——after she received her first purchase from me, a Nonitse scarf——that made me cry. We would trade clothing later, it was her idea. I had not expected the necklace but liked it immediately. Orange and pink! She sent me more than I sent her.  Wearing it makes me feel like a flapper girl which then brings to mind Mrs. Dalloway in her youth. But mostly I am filled with warm thoughts and curiosity about a friend from Detroit whom I have never met.
dipoyo pillbox hat (one of my favorite things) - Mawusi
bandana - gift from my granny
necklace - swapped [ also here]
silk top - thrifted
Levis - brother's hand-me-down [also here, here, here]
oversized Sowe bag - I made it. See similar at Mawusi
cardigan - Daffy's (eons ago) [ also here]
shoes - Land's  End [ also here]


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