Personal Style: Geometry Class

The wonderful thing about my new awesome geometric print dress is that it encourages experiments. So I went print crazy. 

Can you handle these many prints? 
And while you are at it, can you tell the pair of trousers is for men?
Not too serious, just a lot of fun. Perfect. 
And as always a big thank you to my favorite crew: my tripod and Karma, my camera. I hope you  find zee look tasteful or something...

Head Scarf — Old Navy 
Brown and saffron necklace — don't remember where I got it, but it's old.
Pink and orange necklace — swapped with a client. (We traded things we didn't want anymore.)
Geometric Dress (handmade) — annadevine 
Men's trousers — Club Monaco
Bracelets & Brooch — I made them (Mawusi)
Socks — Marshalls
Shoes —  Payless

Take care and have a beautiful week---> END! ^_^


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