Personal Style: Double Head-banding

My neighbor, a tasteful fashionable woman between the ages 65 and 75, was very happy to see me in this outfit. Her face smiled brightly when I saw her on my way to this photoshoot. She chuckled when I greeted her, responding with, “You look like a little Mutant Ninja Turtle!” And we both laughed. She is very cool, that woman. But the inspiration for my new exciting headband style is not the Mutant Ninja Turtles––although I saw an advert with them the night prior to this shoot, so maybe they subconsciously pinched me––but rather a new addiction of mine, Jodha Akbar!
Jodha Akbar is a TV series adaptation of a historical sixteen century Indian royal family, particularly  the love story between its Rajput princess, Jodha and Mughal emperor, Akbar. I caught the addiction in Ghana and was very glad to find the series here on YouTube! It is however in Hindi and unlike in Ghana, the one on YouTube has no English subtitles, except a little briefing provided in the description box under the videos. At present one of the side effects is a strong craving for a pair of Jhumka and an ignited excitement for turbans and headbands. This headband styling is inspired by Chuchak Begum, see below.
Chuchak Begum is a queen who left her husband’s harem to start and rule her own kingdom. She is quite the evil witch but she is soooo funny to watch and her style is really wonderful. 
About the dress, I got it last year to use as a work uniform. I wore tights and boots with it and hide the wrinkles under huge sweaters! >:) It is quite comfortable and feels really good on. I now sort of wear this dress everywhere. The jeans is the same old pair I got from my brother some years back, and the blazer is one of my best and favorite thrifted articles.
Most of the accessories I am wearing here––the pink flower headband, (Maafio) shawl, (Dipoyo) Brooch, and (Happy Koryo) Bracelet––are designed and handcrafted by me and are available in my little online shop, Mawusi, for purchase. If  you enjoy my ramblings here and wish to encourage it, one way to do so is to please visit my handmade shop, find something you can enjoy, and get it for yourself or as a gift for someone who you know would cherish it. Thanks! ^_^
And as you can see, me is proud owner of a spanking new tripod. The old one got hurt badly in one leg––there is actually a good story there––and became lame in that same leg and thus could no longer support Karma's weight for these selfies. So a new tripod had to be invested in. Please share with me a moment of silence for my darling old three-legged friend. She was awesome! for seven years straight: We went from a manual 35mm film camera to a DSLR, through rain, blizzards, and scary windy days and although I never named her, she was never a mere tripod but a really good friend. May she rest in tripod heaven.

Now this new tripod, I don’t know yet…still trying to get to know her better. I am also thinking of naming her…maybe Tripal or Tribud or…we will see.

Enjoy your April! I’m doing the same.


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