Pink Tutu Under Army Green

Cheers to the blessing that is & was 2016!
If 2017 finds you and me breathing, I pray it may be to us that which we need to be more loving and laughing more.



  1. H A P P Y N E W Afenhyiapaaaa! 2017 dear Jane !

    Your tutu sure is cutie !

  2. Happy Happy Happy NEW YEAR! And 'Afeenko mbe tuyee!' (may a year go and another come to find us!) Afe = year | nhyia = start | Paa = good. And as you probably know, that is in Twi, which is more widely spoken than my mother's tongue, Krobo. In Krobo we greet with the response given in Twi, and we say: 'Jeha eya ne jeha eba na wo!' (May a year go and another come to find us!) To which one responds, 'Ne ke abi wasiɔ ade ke wa kɛ!' (So when others inquire about us, they would be told we're alive!)

    May you and your loved ones find 2017 incredibly beautiful! XX


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