Personal Style: Under Cap and Gown

For this graduation, I was all business. It took less than half an hour to fix my hair and about five minutes to dress up. I found this awesome summer dress for $15! and I was like why the heck not? I mean, can't a girl buy a dress every now and then? Okay, so I ended up buying seven new dresses, but still! It's not every day that one graduates, you know?  And this, you see, is my new excuse to misbehave. *_*
One of my earrings is an old gift from Mother, and the other from Grandmother. The sandals is my first snake-skin anything. The purpose is to work on overcoming a lifelong phobia.

My dearest best-est friend, India, came not only to my graduation but was good enough to take my photos and since I was being a tyrant the entire time, shouting commands on how she ought to frame me, she cut pieces off of me. But I am so glad because what are friends for, if not to cut off your feet and elbows in photos?! 

Have a beautiful week-END!


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