Observation: Nana

days now and daze then
from where days come to days where go
all years a dais
long ribbon varying colors
upon once an embryo is was
baby toddler infant child
little girl big girl

young woman grown woman
young mother experienced mother
of one of two of three of two of three of two of three of four of three
old mother older woman
grandmother of one of none of one of two of three of four
she crawls now not on four on two
teeth fell remain some
body ache
voice same
wit dimmer
laughter same
mother's mother
memory weak sensitivity piqued
she cannot hurry

cannot run with the breeze
songs sweeter
skin forgivingly softer loose freeing
I am going                                                             she says
pause pores sad laugh pours

from where do life come
to where life goes
from where did you come
to where you go

I you with two-gather

Jane A. Odartey


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