Meet Efrat of Efratul Designs

My name is Efrat.  I'm a graphic designer and the owner of Efratul Designs.  
I live and work in Tel Aviv, Israel.  I have two sweet sons, one is 4 years old and the other just turned one.
My studio practices in graphic design — especially designing wedding albums — and we also have a line of products we make and sell online and at several stores here in Israel.

My Map zipper pouches include different sizes of wallets, pencil cases, passport covers, clutches, and bags with map prints from different cities around the world.

I studied industrial design, but I have always loved the graphic aspect of it.
  I combined them together and created a line of products which is very graphic but still usable and fun.
I enjoy creating new patterns for my products, focusing on different cities in the world, and sometimes just colorful graphic patterns. I also make custom map wallets and custom zipper pouches. This way you can order a wallet with the  street map of any city you choose. It can be where you live, where you have travelled, or your favorite place in the world.  Recently I came up with the idea of creating a business card holder designed as a business card and it has been very well accepted: every time I make someone a wallet, another person sees it and wants one, too!  Some clients order a bunch of these wallets to hand to their clients instead of just handing them their business card.

I started selling on Etsy three years ago after hearing about it from a friend who sells there, and I became addicted to that wonderful site ever since. Also, I recently opened another online shop on Marmelada, which is an Israeli marketplace.
My inspiration is my city – Tel Aviv.  I love that urban feeling you get when you walk down the streets, I love it at night since it's never asleep, and I love how you can always find a quiet place if you look for it.  I love the colors I see when I walk down the streets, the graffiti, the trees, and the people. All these together make a colorful inspiration.

My work is very special because it can be personalized to the client's taste and wishes.
I can make any of my products with any city or country in the world on it.
I also make custom orders with photos on them. That way you can give your husband a unique gift for your anniversary or you can give your grandma a useful gift with her grandson's photo on it.
What do you know now that you wish you knew earlier (in relation to your business)

 What I would have done now, if I could start all over again is to start designing with different cities from all over the world instead of only focusing on Israeli cities, like I did during the first year with my business. Now, slowly, I am making new map designs with different cities of the world.

Thanks so much Efrat.
Find more about Efratul Designs through the links below and have a beautiful Tuesday.
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* Images provided by Efrat.


Unknown said…
Thanks Jane for sharing my story
Jane Odartey said…
You're most welcome, Efrat. Thank you for choosing to share through here.
Freja said…
I like Efrat's designs a lot and it was fun to read about her more!

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