Meet Gudrun of Goodrun on Etsy!

A little about yourself

Hello my name is Gudrun – from goodrun design.
I’m living in Altenberg  - together with my husband and two sons - a very small town,in Austria/Europe. It is a joy living here – indeed, a great place for the kids to grow up, and the untouched nature around inspires my work and life!

What is your Craft story?

Nearly from the beginning of my life I've been crafting - as a young child I used to sit under the table and crochet clothes for my little dolls. This passion never left me so I studied fashion & design in Munich/Germany – but after finishing I preferred to make it back home. Unfortunately it wasn’t too easy to get a job as fashion designer so I started working as a media-designer; it was a very creative and fun work and I still do it occasionally.

After I gave birth to my first son I tried to go back to my passion: creating with my own hands. So I began making jewelry. My first pieces were made out of polymer clay – a fantastic material which comes in so many colors! Some years later I became pregnant with my second son and I wasn’t able to get over the smell of clay so I had to look for another material to work with.

Wire was the answer! I bought some from a craft store to do some decoration. Having some of the material left over, I started to mess around with them and experience the material and the possibilities it offer.  Finally I decided to make jewelry out of it!

How did you come to be on Etsy, do you sell anywhere else or would you like to?

I don't really know how it came that I'm on etsy - maybe I found it years ago by searching for something else and I liked it from the first moment.
I think it's a really great and beautiful place to sell handmade products and to meet so many wonderful creative people all over the world!
Yes, I also sell on - a selling platform made for  German speaking people.
Also from July I'll sell my products in a "real" store in vienna  call ; a really nice store where many handcrafting people can sell their products without having their own store! a really great idea I'm really excited!
What inspires you?

I'm inspired by so many things - by books and magazines but also by nature and buildings.
Each day we see so many things and we get so many pictures in our heads - and in the evening when I'm already lying in bed I'm thinking of all these pictures and of my whole day and then the inspiration takes its own way...
What makes your work special and different from others?

First of all I think my jewelry is unique because it's made by me - all handmade by myself - all designs are one of a kind - one handmade product can't be like the other…
I had an idea (and each day I have new ideas!) which nobody had come up with before. My dream is that my designs make people happy.
I believe once you wear my jewelry you will feel delighted!

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Facebook || Her Website || Goodrun (her Etsy shop)


Happy Tuesday, guys!


  1. What a lovely article !! You're really talented artist Dear Gudrun. Great designs & great colors !!

    Warm wishes
    N. Pinar Kamaci
    Pinara Design

  2. her work is amazing. So many beautiful colors.


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