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Chamomile-Rooibos Tea Recipe + 2 Translations of Tao Te Ching [道德经] #33 by Lao Tzu [老子]

It is summer. Almost. But my tea is still hot. Instead I am overeating cold watermelons; not to stay cool but because I have no reserve when it comes to watermelons.  I must agree, though, with those who say hot liquids cool down the body in summer. I am sweating, but it is different. If you've not tried drinking––slowly with presence––hot beverages in hot weather, you might want to explore the experience. It is interesting.   Okay, we're supposed to be talking about this tea I have blended for you: Chamomile-Rooibos. Just one word: delicious! If you need more words: earthy, smooth, mildly fragrant, and refreshing.  Morning to afternoon are the best times to drink it if you're sensitive to caffeine––it's low caffeine . But you can easily make a caffeine-free blend by not including the black tea in the ingredients list. It won't change the taste much.  Perfect for afternoon zen-ing. But if the tea doesn't do it, then hopefully the two translations of Lao Tzu'