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Contemplating C. S. Lewis | On "First and Second Things"

  I have been brainstorming for a new writing project for  Jane Through the Seasons . It’s been going on and on and coming out empty. However, I believe I have stumbled on something in the form of C. S. Lewis’ essays.  Except for the Chronicles of Narnia, I have not read any work by Lewis. But I have come across interesting quotes attributed to him in several media. Thus I have been meaning to read his essays and was glad to find, recently, some audio formats on YouTube. Listening to these audios, I felt it would be interesting to write commentaries on some of them as a blog series. So there, accept this briefing as an introduction to this new series: Contemplating C. S. Lewis.   Let’s start with the essay, “ First and Second Things .” In there, Lewis states: “Apparently the world is made that way…You can’t get second things by putting them first; you can get second things only by putting first things first.” This statement appears to me a rational observation. To achieve the secondary

Translating Prévert | Ne rêvez pas

Ne rêvez pasº  (L’ordinateur)  Par Jacques Prévert  Ne rêvez pas  pointez  grattez vaquez marnez bossez trimez  Ne rêvez pas  l’électronique rêvera pour vous  Ne lisez pas  l’électrolyseur lira pour vous  Ne faites pas l’amour  l’électrocoïtal le fera pour vous  Pointez  grattez vaquez marnez bossez trimez  Ne vous reposez pas  le Travail repose sur vous. ---  Don’t dream  (The computer) (Tr. Jane. A. Odartey)   Don’t dream  punch in  scour haul slog over-work slave  Don’t dream  electronics will dream for you  Don’t read  electrolysers will read for you  Don’t love  electromagnetic coils will do it for you  Punch in scour haul slog over-work slave Don’t rest  Work rests on you.  ---  º Jacques Prévert. Choses et autres :  Éditions Gallimard , 1972, p. 211