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Steeping | Lavender-Jasmine Green Tea

  Here's a recipe for a new tea.  Not too strong, not too weak.  [If you are sensitive to caffeine , I wouldn't drink this tea after 3 PM] I used [for 16 ounces pot of tea]:  + Cloud mist green tea (Yun Wu) 1tsp  + Jasmine 1/4 tsp  + Lavender 1/4 tsp  + Pu'er 1/4 tsp [to balance taste] + Some bay leaves  + Green peppercorns or whatever you have––optional º Mix all  º Empty mixed tea into infuser and into pot  º Add water and bring to [just about to] boil [on medium heat] º Serve and slowly enjoy. . .  I am unable to describe the taste of this tea   So let me offer you a poem  by Issa:  My old home:  The face of the snail  Is the face of Buddha  Trans: R. H. Blyth  From   Haiku (Pocket Poets) ^_^ - Jane A. Odartey