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Diary | Reflections on 2020 [Mad Solitude]

Some years are an indecisive breeze on fingernails. Some are tar-like. You said “six feet” to me prior to March 2020, I thought, ah, that perfect stereotypical male height. And, face mask? You mean that which in Korean drama conceals identity and in Japanese drama expresses concern for others? I came from 2019 with two key resolutions: good-good solitude and less doings. So when in March the museum I freelanced at closed, and the after school art programs I taught got suspended, my real pressing concern was the rent––a common ache of one who works “gigs.” I’d been mentally preparing to pack up––if my efforts at self-dependence failed––and move back, shamelessly, home to Mother, if she can afford me. If not, then a one way ticket to Ghana. It never crossed my mind that traveling could drown in unprecedented waters––looks like one can never fully prepare.  Still, in April, I couldn’t help but sincerely write to a colleague, “I am scared and excited at once.” Their response was that my fe