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COVID-19: Three Tips to Transcend the Banalities of Self-Isolation

For many, solitude, even when self-imposed feels like incarceration. But when self-isolation becomes essential for our individual, communal and world health, then it ought to be taken seriously. COVID-19 requires that we change immediately and find creative new ways to live and work. We can rise to this challenge and surprise ourselves if we give the moment its due by transforming and combining our beautiful hearts, brilliant minds into sustainable efforts and solutions that will transport us from this unfortunate atmosphere that we have helped into existence. Fear and hate will only cripple us and cause us more suffering and death. So I'm making a dent in my “no blogging in 2020” goal to offer a few tips from my pre-pandemic and pandemic time, self-imposed isolation practices on how to do better than survive. And if what you can manage is to survive, that is plenty, too. Especially for those who depend on you.   1. Have a controlled panic attack: Yes, I know. Everyone says