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Photography: Slow Stitches

From Amiel's Journal (9th December 1877): Composition is a process of combination, in which thought puts together complementary truths, and talent fuses into harmony the most contrary qualities of style. So that there is no composition without effort, without pain even, as in all bringing forth. The reward is the giving birth to something living––something, that is to say, which, by a kind of magic, makes a living unity out of such opposed attributes as orderliness and spontaneity, thought and imagination, solidity and charm. --Henri-Frédéric Amiel --- JAO 

Translating Prévert: Le bon jeune temps

Le bon jeune tempsº Par Jacques Prévert Les rivières étaient claires 
 la mer était propre le pain était bon les saisons saisonnières les guerres oubliées et l’amour aimé. --- The good old days (Tr. Jane A. Odartey) The rivers were clear the sea clean bread was good seasons, seasoned  
 wars forgotten and love, loved.  --- º (Jacques Prévert.  Choses et autres :  Éditions Gallimard , 1972, p. 133)

New Published Images from "The Whirling Heart Series" in Duende #7

I've been working on The Whirling Heart Series for a few years now. So it's good to have some of these abstract photographs in Duende's issue #7. Please take a look. Perhaps it would make your heart skip a bit. :)) Xx JAO

Steeping: Lemongrass-Juniper Berry Tea

I have graduated to a Japanese cast-iron teapot. Unlike my old pot, it works directly on a stovetop and keeps tea hot for as long as it rests on a lit tea warmer. It is gifting me richer experiences and I am enjoying experimenting with different ways of making tea. The lemongrass-juniper berry tea  relies as much on its ingredients as on its process for best results. The caffeine-less tea should look golden-brownish when made well and taste slightly lemony, peppery, a touch flowery and minty. Here's how you make it:  You will need:  + 1 tbs lemongrass  + 3/4 tbs chamomile  + 1/2 tsp crushed dried ginger  + 1/4 tsp juniper berries  + 1/4 tsp spearmint  + 1/4 osmanthus flower + crushed cinnamon sticks + about 8 green peppercorns  + a dash of cumin Prep:  + crush ginger, cinnamon and pepper together for a fused taste   + mix in other ingredients + put tea into a roomy infuser, slightly coat inside of teapot with a tsp of water and fit infuser