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A Collaboration: Queens Museum Art Lab

I had the happy opportunity of designing an interactive art making space with artists Yung Oh Le Page and Claudia Dishon in collaboration with the Queens Museum over the summer. The goal was to transform the Rubin Gallery into an environment that encourages visitors to interact, through tactile creativity, with exhibits; presently, American Artist:  My Blue Window ;  Nicolas Moufarrege: Recognize My Sign ;  The Art of Rube Goldberg and Pia Camil: Fade into black . . .  The interactive art props were chiefly built by Le Page. And  Amy Raffel (without whom we would not have met our deadline) and I did lots of painting, staining and stringed that loom so tight almost all my fingers had to be bandaged! So you see, you simply have to visit the Queens Museum and use that space!  --- JAO

Analysis of Du Fu's (杜甫) The Arrival of a Guest

客至(喜崔明府相过) 舍南舍北皆春水 但见群鸥日日来 花径不曾缘客扫 蓬门今始为君开 盘餐市远无兼味 樽酒家贫只旧醅 肯与邻翁相对饮 隔篱呼取尽馀杯 --- The Arrival of a Guest by Du Fu
 Translated by Peter Harris There are spring waters each side of my house, to the north and south; All I see are flocks of gulls that come here day after day. 
 We haven’t had to clear the path of blossoms for visitors; The wicker gate has been opened for you today for the first time. The market is far away and our simple dishes are all much the same In my poor home my jars of ale are just a coarse old brew. If you are willing to have a drink with the old man who lives next door, I’ll call him over across the fence, and we’ll finish the last few cups. --- Certain poems pull one with the promise that knowing them would bring about a certain worthwhile experience or perhaps it is so when the poem successfully answers to what Amiel expresses in his journal as, “The reader desires in the poet something better than a juggler in rhyme, or a conjuror in