Basics: Quick & Simple No Knead Oatmeal Bread Recipe

I am working on a poetry analysis for the blog but it is taking a minute so this week I'm sharing my rave of the moment. A super easy bread recipe for those of us who believe in homemade bread but do not care for a long tedious process of bread making. Giiiive me aaaaHallelujah mate! ^_^
I've been wanting to make my own bread since like forever, and I finally started a couple of months ago after I found these amazing fast and easy, simple ingredients, no knead bread recipes on YouTube.

My recipe is a combination of two slightly different ones and my own preferences.

Recipe by Jenny Can Cook (3 hours fermentation)
Materials | Dutch-oven pot with oven safe lid, deep mixing bowl, spatular, wax paper, plastic wrap,  scraper for shaping bread, kitchen towel
Ingredients | 3 cups all purpose flour + 1 tsp salt + 1/4 yeast + 1 & 1/2 cup of very hot water (130º F)
Prep | - mix flour, salt and yeast in a large mixing bowl with a spatular
- when ingredients are well mixed add 1 & half cup of hot water (130º F) and mix well
- cover batter with a plastic wrap then a kitchen towel and leave to ferment for 3 hours
- pre-heat oven with covered Dutch-oven pot to 450º F
- sprinkle about 3 tables spoons of flour on work area and pour sticky batter onto floured surface
- sprinkle some flour onto batter and use a scraper to shape batter
- place shaped batter on wax paper and cover with mixing bowl while oven is prepping
- pick up batter with wax paper and place both inside cast-iron pot and cover
- bake for 30 mins
- remove lid and bake for 5-15 mins based on your crust preference

Recipe by Yannick Lescure (over-night fermentation)
Materials | same as Jenny's but uses cast iron pot, minus wax paper
Ingredients | same as  Jenny's except water is room temperature + 1tsp sugar
Prep | same mix + sugar, uses room temperature water; leaves to rise over-night, pre-heat at 400º F; shapes with scraper and lots of flour and bakes directly in pot without wax paper

My Version (3hrs fermentation/no shaping) 
Materials |  same as Yannick's minus scrapper
Ingredients | 3 cups oatmeal + 1 cup all-purpose-flour + 1/4 tsp grated nutmeg + 1 tsp cinnamon + 1 tsp sugar + 1tsp salt + 2 cups very hot water (130º F)
Prep | mix well; add hot water;  mix well; cover like in  Jenny's or Yannick's; let rise for 3 hrs;  start preheating oven when batter has sat for about 2 and half hours; preheat at 450 º F with lidded cast iron pot; sprinkle some flour onto bottom of cast iron pot; pour batter directly into pot without shaping & let it cook like  Jenny's   Let it cool completely before slicing--especially if you use more oatmeal than flour.
Making this bread is easier than reading about making it.
I store mine in the fridge and warm it up with a toaster oven before eating.

Have fun and try it your own way. I find 2 cups flour + 2 cups oatmeal to be really good, too...add nuts or go nuts or do both if you wish! Most importantly enjoy bragging to ever Tom, Dick & Harry  about your amazing bread making's okay to repeat yourself! :P


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