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Presently: September 2019

I let out the crickets here, didn't I? The thing is there're now some significant changes to my life which are affecting my time and energy. I moved out a couple of months ago and amongst other things I have caught the interior decorating bug––I keep re-arranging the space! I am also suffering lots of chores and increased work hours so I can feed that thing called  the rent . Yes, I feel more matured and as if I'm on a cool adventure. Having a place to myself feels quite awesome and I am happily being as weird as I please without freaking anyone out. Of course, I am filled with lots of gratitude. Obviously my Guardian Angel has been working tirelessly on my behalf. But because I am also working on a few things it's been challenging to make time to write here. So I am working out a simple routine that would allow me time for old favorite endeavors, like writing here. Now that you're briefed here's what I am thinking presently: If my life were some sort of