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Translating Prévert: De langage dément

De langage démentº Par Jacques Prévert Le langage dément dément le langage savant Le langage savant ça vend des idées Brocanteurs d’idées receleurs d’idées Quand l’art est de rigueur l’art est nié. --- Insane Language (Tr. Jane A. Odartey) Insane language rejects the erudite’s tongue The learned tongue that sells ideas Antique dealers of ideas reservoirs of stolen ideas When art lacks flexibility it lies. --- º (Jacques Prévert.  Choses et autres :  Éditions Gallimard , 1972, p. 131)

Steeping: Hibiscus Fruit Iced Tea

The first half of 2019 is off to somewhere. Aish! Well, congrats for making it through. (Eh, I'm a little high on ice-cream at the moment! Got this "family size" tub and I'm almost done with the whole thing. What's there to say, it's Summersummersummer after all. ^_^) But is it just me or is the year, like, rocketing away? Well, my resolution for the second half of '19 is to show mad gratitude by making some genuine effort with my days. Hope you are planning a real festival. The sort that makes you slap yourself on the back when, you think, no one is watching. Wink-wink. Okay let's get down to things. This hibiscus fruit tea recipe was a spontaneous one. Very very little effort went into it. The idea came to me while I was trying to think of a good summer tea to share with you. But I love it and I hope you would, too. It has high caffeine because I am especially lazy in the summer and need a little help staying up. Also the pepper is optional; the t