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New Digital Photography, "Akutu LX, 2018," in Phoebe 48.2

Oi You! Along with some talented visual artists, poets, and writers, a new work of mine, Akutu LX, 2018 has been published in phoebe 48.2 . I think you would like several of the works there so go on and have a browse. Thanks. Cheers, JAO

Translating Prévert: Au coin d’une rue

Au coin d’une rueº Par Jacques Prévert Il est midi, tout est tout noir et soudain rouge de temps en temps Au coin d’une rue qu’existe plus la mort se promène comme chez elle. Moi j’m’en fous, j’attends l’arc-en-ciel et l’arc-en-ciel, c’est mon amant L’amour se cache n’importe où l’amour se trouve n’importe quand l'amour se fait n’importe comment l’amour est plus jeune que la mort même s’ils ont vu le jour en même temps Au coin d’une rue qu’existe plus qui vient de partir à l’instant la mort fait la retape, le ruban. Moi j’m’en fous, j’attends mon amant Je suis sûre qu’aujourd’hui, pour elle ça sera sûrement pas un client. --- At the Corner of a Street (Tr. Jane A. Odartey) It is noon, all is all black and now and then suddenly red At the corner of a livelier street death walks about as if at home. I don’t give a damn, I’m waiting for the rainbow 
The rainbow is my lover Love that covers anywhere love found anytime love made any which way* l

New Poem, "Conversing with the Farmers," in The Malahat Review No. 206

Oi You! If you've been wondering about me, I'm alive. It's just that there's been some drastic changes I have got to adjust to and then more recently I have been unwell. But I am mostly in good mood and more to the point, I would like for you to discover some new relatable voices and make new friends who speak your language by reading the new issue 206 of The Malahat Review . It includes a new poem of mine, "Conversing with the Farmers." Thanks. Cheers, JAO P.S. I am working on a Prévert translation. It will be up on Monday––If I'm alive and all is well. ^_^