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Poetry: An Apology by Umashankar Joshi

An Apology º
by Umashankar Joshi

Excuse me, love, if I did not
          Speak endearing words;
Today I am lost
          In writing a story: How We Met.

Forgive me, love, if I failed
          To send you a note;
Today I am engrossed
          In composing Songs of Love.

Suffer me, love, if in life
          You knew thirst.
I, a poet, ploughed the heart
          To leave grapes––my words––behind.

º Translated from Gujarati by the author

New Poem, "Drop Above," in North Dakota Quarterly Vol. 85

Oi You!

I hope you share my excitement for spring and are moving about in a joyous celebration.
In regards to freshness, you might find some inspiration in the new North Dakota Quarterly Vol. 85. A beautiful anthology of several refreshing literary works and essays including a poem of mine, "Drop Above." The entire volume is also available to download for free or purchase at NDQ.
Please do give it a browse.


Photography: Come Calm Clam

come  calm clam  --- JAO