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Steeping: Spicy Chocolate Matcha Tea Recipe

Two thoughts have taken over my mind. Here’s the first: If one grows up cheering for Cinderella and booing the awful step-mother and her daughters, then later in life one comes to recognize in their own reflection the calculating spitefulness that they had loathed in the three ridiculous characters that made another’s life unnecessarily difficult, what does one do? Does one pretend to be blind to their own meanness or make up logical excuses to justify their cruelty or even put on a fake mask of benevolence? Or does one seek the courage to sort out their fears and remember that it is far easier to loath the evil that others do, but extremely difficult to admit to our own wickedness, and even more challenging to practice a better way of living. The second thought is as such: Just because one can see the potential of another, if the other  continues to act lowlier than their capability, must one continue to suffer them? And if one continues to suffer them is that not enabling their

Poetry: Song of a Madman by Yi Saek

Song of a Madman º by Yi Saek (1328 - 1396) I am the quite type; turmoil is not my thing; only a cloud on the wind is in constant motion. I'm the open type; I don't have hidden agendas; water in a well cannot flow. Water, in reflecting an object, shows the beautiful and the ugly; clouds are insensible; they gather and scatter at will. When I see heaven's will in nature, how can I let time pass idly by? When I have money, I buy wine. No need for second thoughts. When I have wine, I want flowers. Why hesitate? I look at the flowers, drink the wine, let my white hair stream free; I climb East Mountain, enjoy the moon and breeze. ºTranslated by Kevin O'Rourke From The Book of Korean Poetry  

Photography: les bleues

la mer  les ciels tous semblent bleus  vous savez  mais vraiment  savez-vous  --- JAO

New Poem, "To Tell the Truth," in Juked

Oi Dear Reader, So far, how are you? Good is what I hope for you. And if you're great, that's even better. A favorite literary journal of mine, Juked, has publish one of my poems, " To Tell the Truth ." I think you might like it so give it a read––it's playful and short. Don't forget to also browse their really good selection of poems. Super thanks! --- JAO

New Published Visual Art in Paperbag Magazine

Oi Dear Reader, Happy Happy New Year! I hope you're starting 2019 humming good notes, and chuckling when a bad one sneaks out. The new 11th issue of Paperbag Magazine  is hot and full of beautiful work, including new selections from my  Postcard Series . So do take a browse,––if one can say 'take a look' then 'take a browse' is correct, no?––thanks. Until Soooooon, JAO