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Winter Diary: 2018 in Summary

What is a year, when just a moment can be as profound as Yi Chehyǒn’s (1287-1367) picturesque sunset: The twilight sun is about to sink among distant peaks; The homing tide gurgles as it climbs the gelid shore. Fishermen disappear among the flowering reeds; smoke from cooking fires is even bluer in the fading light. ( The Book of Korean Poetry . Trans. Kevin O’Rourke. Iowa City: Iowa Press, 2006, p.82) As I reflect on the passing year, I find my heart is full of gratitude and I am happier in a quieter way. Even though it was difficult to comprehend the self I had become this year because I was constantly changing and couldn’t settle long enough to decipher who/what I had become, it was an enriching experience which I hope to understand better in the coming year. My hopes for 2018 had been to practice love. But it is December now and I am not sure I know any more about love than I did earlier in the year. All the same, conscious efforts have taught me more patience