Steeping: Intro

One of my favorite things to do these days is to watch water boil: watch steam curl and wind out of hot water. I like to listen to the drum-like roar of fired-up water. I also like coming up with new blends of tea to entertain my moods. Waiting as my tea steeps, trying the first cup then comparing it to the second cup and testing my awareness through the third cup.

Also, these days, I am not very collected. A series of significant happenings have left me somewhat disoriented. It makes it quite challenging to string sentences together, so I prefer to avoid writing paragraphs.

But this blog is one of the things I love to do for fun and it doesn't feel good to put it off for long so I have been thinking that I ought to start making tea here too.  In fact, I recently went to a reading on gastrodiplomacy––because I didn't know what it was and the event was free, and I had just altered an old skirt into a fun new dress and wanted to wear it somewhere––and it convinced me that making tea here on the blog is not a terrible idea.

So if you enjoy watching heat transform water to steam, listening to rolling water at a boil, steeping and and tasting the first and subsequent cups of your own blended tea, then stop by, once a month or so for a tea recipe.



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