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Personal Style: Kimonoing Overalls

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Poetry: CXXII (Whoever Takes Sides With the Men of God) By Hafez

CXXII º By Hafez Whoever takes sides with the men of God, God will protect him from disaster under any circumstance. I will not say the story of friendship except to my friend.  For only a friend safeguards the words of a friend.  O heart, live in such a way that if your foot slips  An angel catches you with two praying hands. If you do not want the beloved to break his promise, Hold onto the end of your string so that she may hold on to hers. Zephyr, if you see my heart hanging from her tress, Will you please tell it to stay where it is. When I told her, “Keep my heart safe!”, she said:  “What can a [God’s] servant do? May God keep it safe.” Let my head and gold, and my heart and soul be sacrificed for that beloved Who honors the right of friendship and love. Where is the dust of the road on which you pass,  So that Hafez may keep it as a remembrance from the morning breeze? --- º From The Poems of Hafez    Translated from Persian by

Between the Pages of Letters to A Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke VII B

The previous commentary in this series on Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet , attempted a translation of a perspective which agrees with what Rilke puts as “it is clear that we must trust in what is difficult”(67). Here the focus remains on the same seventh chapter in  Letters and still on the subject of difficulty , however, the interest shifts to a specific difficulty: that common, misunderstood, underrated feeling we call love. Love is a difficult subject to write on. In fact, most poets, if not all, agree that a poem on love is the most challenging of all poems. And I am now at a place where I am beginning to believe that love is not even a feeling but the substance called life. Hence love is life and love is all there is. Hence nothing is done but in the name and in the perimeter of love. Therefore one would be probably right to argue that it is owing to the benevolent nature of love that there exist variety; in which case one can argue for the nature of love as the most flexib

Winter Diary: What Worked Last Year

Painting by Cathy Wilkes--exhibiting now at MoMA PS1 HAPPI HAPPI 2018! Of which January is no more. How are you? Not as fly as a fly but kicking it like you were born to be kicking it like a fly? Here, how are you feeling about the new year? What three words would describe your 2018 so far? My words are reflective, cost-of-living-in-NYC-is-way-too-high, and content. But how I am feeling now, has something to do with my practices of the previous year. Here are my favorite five: + Decemnuary It is really really nice to create space and time between an old and new year to meditate on that which is past, the now and that which might come. It sounds luxurious but it is actually a basic necessity for a healthy transitioning from one cycle to the other. Also it is not very comfortable because there is a lot of soul searching, self facing, feelings of rawness and you will probably find yourself curling up often and crying your eyes out but you also have a lot of forgiveness cerem