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Analysis of William Butler Yeats' Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop

Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop  by William Butler Yeats I met the Bishop on the road And much said he and I. `Those breasts are flat and fallen now Those veins must soon be dry; Live in a heavenly mansion, Not in some foul sty.' `Fair and foul are near of kin, And fair needs foul,' I cried. 'My friends are gone, but that's a truth Nor grave nor bed denied, Learned in bodily lowliness And in the heart's pride. `A woman can be proud and stiff When on love intent; But Love has pitched his mansion in The place of excrement; For nothing can be sole or whole That has not been rent.' --- [Edited 2/17/2021]  ---  William Butler Yeats’ "Crazy Jane Talks With the Bishop" is one of my favorite poems. The humor and wit is excellent and give one much to chew on. The interest of this analysis is to try and decipher whether Jane, Yeat's persona, is indeed crazy or mistakenly identified as such.  The title expresses that one “Crazy

Abstract Photography: Reflection

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Personal Style: An Afternoon in November

I've been spending some quality time with people under the age of ten.  And their charming monstrosity is rubbing off on me. It's nice to learn to answer questions with totally unrelated context and be reminded that unicorns are. Also wonderful that most of these people worry not, are often very happy about the smallest thing, very kind in their judgements and most eager to share their recognitions of awe. What am I wearing? The hat , earrings , scarf––knitted with some gorgeous natural yarn from Knitty City ––  brooch and bracelet are my handiwork and (except the scarf) are all available in my artisanal shop; the bag is a gift from a good old friend and fellow writer ; the oversized men's coat and dress were thrifted some years back and the jeans was once my brother's. Hope your November is nodding and hopping to lovely notes. Xx Jane