Experiment: Expecting Everything Conclusion

How has it been with you? I am trying to live in the moment as best I can. If you have been waiting for the conclusion to the "Expecting Everything Experiment" (see part I, II & III), pardon me for keeping you waiting. But here it is now: what my experience––the result of more  than a year of conscious experiment––has taught me is that one is love, and one is meant for love and to love. Thus the heart sings of love and compels one to love. The question then is what is love? It seems to me that finding the answer to this question––what is love, i. e. what are you––is one’s life purpose. Therefore, one’s life purpose is to learn how one is love and how to be love, effortlessly. And by love I do not mean eros, but more along the line of agape.

Imagine if you could love unconditionally, free of expectations and attachments. Wouldn’t it be the most beautiful and joyous way to live? To give freely of yourself and find the act a reward in of itself. To meet every being in love and do everything unreservedly in love. Imagine that!

If you have tried these experiments, thanks. I hope you enjoyed them. If you've not tried them, do give them a try. You really have nothing to lose. I hope your experience was (will be) good and that you have learnt (will learn) something of significance about yourself.



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