Personal Style: In the Gifts of Old Friends

No one in their right mind shoots around noon because the light is too strong and shadowy. 
But I happen to love shooting around that time.
I am peeping at Karma (my camera) and not really thinking about you, but let's say I was thinking of you and therefore looking at you. If so I am doing this through my old bug eyes. This fun sunglasses was gotten from one of the first flea markets I vended at. They are now full of prescription so I can actually see you through them. Talking about Karma, I have gotten around to naming my new tripod, she is to be known as Dharma. ;)
My good friend from junior high school gifted me the dress I am in. I have had it since 2011. It was originally much longer, but I removed a tier, hemmed it, and ta-da! It makes a wonderful summer dress as it is quite good at befriending that rare summer breeze. Another gift is the necklace. My best friend from high school made it for me! ^_^ The beads are really pretty and I like how the strands twist around each other. Now, my closet is getting lighter and lighter and I feel quite happy about this. But I did bring back from Ghana a few wonderful gifts from friends and family. CAN'T WAIT to wear my new Batakari given to me by my SUPER AWESOME cousin. I have noticed that several of the clothing and accessories that have survived my massive clean up are those that came from family and friends, and those I made myself.
The photo above is very candid! I was trying to find my place marker when Karma shot me. :) The headband was made for my Mawusi SS15 collection. What I like most about it are the little fabric puffs because they are very nice to play with. The thing is you can't have one because they have been discontinued. The crochet duster was also a sample from the same SS15 collection. As it was a little too long, I cut it, expecting the whole thing to fall apart yet hoping that it wouldn't. It survived with a fantastic grunge finish. This too is discontinued so you can't have any. 
Ah my old Keds are gone. I wore out the soles and became aware of it when it became quite painful to walk in them. I am a little disappointed. I got them last spring and hoped I would have them through the fall. Anyway I got a new pair with thicker soles. I hope they last at least two years. Otherwise no more Keds! 

Can you see it? I ended up getting a pair of little Jumka earrings! >:) They are soOoOoo cute. It happened that I went out for a little walk and ended up at the Flushing Meadow park. There was a flea market going on there and I thought I would take a peek, and feel for inspiration. Then I found this stand with all these Indian clothing, accessories, and jewelry––a very dangerous looking stand. I said to myself, keep walking Jane, please keep walking, go on, go on! But my feet disobeyed. It took me right to the stand! Bad feet! Bad feet!! I started talking to the woman about Jodha Akbar.  I know! I know! I really have to let it go. She too had seen the series so I got a little excited. I mentioned the earrings and she showed me a couple she had for sale. I couldn't resist, besides I wanted to support a fellow vendor. ;) So I came away with a very pretty pair and now I have no more craving for them. 
We are now at the end of this post. If you've a similar style like mine and are into handmade clothing and accessories, and love supporting small brands, :D you should definitely take a look at my handmade work at Mawusi. You might find something you would enjoy wearing or gifting to a friend. ^_^

Wishing you everything brilliant!


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