Let's Make A Turmeric Shot

Why would you want to make a turmeric shot instead of the tea? Because:
1. You don't feel like straining turmeric...it is already in all your clothes!
2. You would rather drink another tea...(try Assam black tea with cloves + a hint of lavender)
3. You are in a bit of a hurry and can't go through the whole nine yards
  4. You are always looking for an excuse to have some lemon/lime :D

You will need: grounded turmeric, lime/lemon, black pepper, lukewarm (boiled) water.
+ Ground about 3 black peppers and add to a half teaspoon of turmeric
+ Squeeze a half of fresh lime/lemon juice into pepper + turmeric mixture
+ Add about 3 table spoons of lukewarm (boiled) water to mixture and stir
+ Done! Drink in about 1-2 swallows. It's a shot!
Yummy! No? O_O



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