DIY: Blending Wearable Scent For Sensitive Nose

Let's make something today! Have you noticed how everyone seem to have a thing for perfume? I like them, too,...on other people. And I like shopping them to gift to other people. The thing is that my nose, a little too sensitive, makes wearing fragrance often unpleasant. But every now and then it is nice to wear something sweet smelling and so subtle even I can enjoy it. This is how I started  blending my own scented oil this year. To make your own scent here's what you need:

1. Carrier oil - e.g. olive oil
2. Essential oil(s) - e.g. lemon oil (not sure which you would like? See art of pairing essential oils)
3. Vitamin E oil (to help prolong shelf life)
4. A sample of your favorite perfume for a richer scent (optional)
5. Whole spice e.g. cloves or whole lavender or dried rose petals
6. Glass bottle to store scented oils
Preparation for a 2 oz bottle:
1. Add about 3 drops of essential oil (lemon oil) to your glass bottle
2. Add about 2 drops of Vitamin E oil
3. Fill almost to the brim with carrier oil (olive oil)
4. Optional: add a spray of your favorite perfume to mixture
5. Add whole spice e.g. cloves (or rose petal or lavender) for a more earthy (floral) scent
6. Shakeshakeshakeshake
7. Tada! Done!
When in the mood to smell a little sweet, split a little drop of blended scented oils for the back of both ears. You should find it very subtle, and quite wonderful...


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