Hanging With the Wind

It was very windy and I feared my tripod would topple over along with poor Karma (my camera). But all the wind did was try to steal my hat, over and over. I had the thing pinned––well you can’t just roll a beanie to a side of your head and expect it to just stay put! That would make you a very mean person. You have got to help it keep its post with a hairpin here and there. But if I had consulted the weather people before I stepped out of doors, I would have added 100 times more hairpins to keep the wind’s fingers to itself.
You may not be able to really see the pretty long sleeves blouse here, but you can see it in an old photo on here somewhere. I often get this feeling of it. I find the cut classy, professional, girly, and fussy. I think it is the sort of design some stylish business-headed girl who brings in lots of revenue would wear to work––with a sharp pencil skirt or a pair of properly tailored trousers. So here I have paired it with fuchsia tights with a series of wonderful tears, and dirty, comfy Keds. I have never worn this top 'seriously' because then it would be difficult to keep a straight face.
The jeans dress, which I wore here sometime last summer, helps make fun of the blouse. Now, now, now, I have nothing against this blouse; really for it, actually, I just do not want it to feel like we are out  for millions; want it to know we are very OK with the wind unknotting its bow. 
Why so happy? Well, that's because it is always a joy shooting on a windy day. 



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