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Photography: Play Pray to Pray Pray

play to play play to pray pray to play pray to pray --- j


Three or two hours before the new year, I suffered the coolest food poisoning ever. The hurting was such an incredible work of art that I wished to see inside my stomach and observe how the sharp pangs formed and creeped. You would probably get what I am inferring at if you are able to achieve some distance from your body and its feelings. If not, it is like you are standing outside yourself watching something happen to you. And although you can feel the impact, you still feel distant from it. Seeing as the aches were not outrageously alarming, though frightful enough, it felt somewhat sublime. I had gotten a bit excited on the last day of the year and made a favorite wicked dish (loads of pepper!). Then almost right after eating it, had a shamefully rich hot cocoa, and almost right after that the delightful stomach ache. I had to retire to the loo for about an hour or so. TMI? I'm just warming up. >:)   In those tender moments I felt so much gratitude for that little circ