Personal Style: Royal Gold Dashiki Caftan

When summer starts packing to leave, I am reminded to wear a bit less.  You may ask, how is a full body length dress less? Ah, but if you are in the habit of wearing a bit more than necessary in any one outfit, wearing a single piece is less. Besides it is the simplest and easiest thing to wear a caftan. All one has to do is pull it over one’s head, and there, it’s done! Comfortable, roomy, breathable, soft, and long enough to hide one's legs. An especially good thing when said legs are sort of an organic farm called A Hairy Business. TMI?  >:)This caftan dress was gifted to Mother by one of her too many friends. And from the moment my gaze knew its beauty, I wanted only to be inside it. But Mother would not let me have it. Tried all my charms, they worked not. Two years after she was gifted it, having never gotten around to wearing it, the good woman then handed it over. Aha! You know what they say about when things are meant to be? Well, I have actually worn this dress here before...under some layering. ^_^
Since the caftan was made for one who is taller and bigger than I, alterations had to be made. I cut off some excess fabric, including its original short sleeves, and sew the whole thing, excitedly, back together. The headband, my Happy Koryo Accessory, is of course never boring. You should get one. ^_^And you must know by now how I feel about my Koryo bracelet, I do not leave home without it.  I made the earrings from a pair of keys that came with a lock that came with a suitcase I got some time ago. It is my wind chime! When I walk, or when the wind blows a bit, they beat against each other and create this alluring music. So of course I have been wearing them loads. Now that I am 30, that is, a very very matured woman and all, I have no choice but to grow up. So I have decided I will be poking my tongue at myself often. :P
Be merry!


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