Personal Style: The Twirling of Tassels

I am trying not to immediately flee the heat of the dramatic, like the burning intensity of certain  summer afternoons; to learn to explore the uncomfortable until it is not the most captivating thing, until it is as seemingly subdue as the magic of the mundane. But the heat does make me wonder about future summers. Since we can no longer pretend that global warming is still "yet to come," I like to play this little imagination game: let's say reincarnation is a fact;
what would the world be like when we come to it again in a few decades? Nature does try, and I suppose we homo sapiens do try, too. And although I feel the earth would be just fine without us I am uncertain we would thrive if we keep exchanging all that is priceless for false agency and papers decorated with the heads of dead men in the name of civilization and progress.
I am becoming proud of wearing the same pieces and enjoying newer ways to style them.  For instance, I love that I have had this pair of harem pants for almost four years. Although I call them my Aladdin's I actually feel more Peter Pan-ish in them. I remember once skipping across a street in Brooklyn in them and getting really excited when they filled up with air. I love how breezes find my skin through my Kasoa crochet blouse and  how every step I take make the tassels twirl in dance. The shoes, also almost four years old, are the funnest and most comfortable pair of flats I have ever owned and they come with a particular interesting story which I like to keep to myself. :P

Spending a lot of your time making wearable things encourages you to make things that are not just sustainable but that one can enjoy using until time transforms them into soft lovely rags. You really do come to realize how enchanting it is to have a small wardrobe of unique and exciting pieces which you catch yourself enjoying year after year––adding patches of memories. I think of these things when I make for Mawusi, and the Happy Koryo Multifunctional Necklace,  Kasoa Crochet Blouse, and Happy Koryo Bracelet I am wearing in these photos, like all my handmade pieces, are made to remind you to live playfully yet consciously. To try and be present to yourself and that which surrounds you. 

May your weekend be a beautiful sort.


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