Personal Style: Shoestring-ing

On this photoshoot I found myself thinking, when I die, if I can afford to be buried in the ground––which is what I want, the honor to feed the worms––perhaps it would be nice to be naked in the coffin. My dear body having suffered all this layering all these years, surely the good thing to do is
leave it bare in death? Rot without embarrassment and give the bones room to expose themselves with some dignity. But do bones care for dignity? What is dignity to bones?
It was really nice under this tree. It provided a cool, gentle breeze, and shade from the sun. It felt like a friend, watching placidly as I posed for the camera... Oh and there were a ton of friendly people. Almost everyone who walked by said a greeting. This guy even offered to shoot me so I won't have to do it all by myself. Then this other guy allowed me to use him to set my camera's focus, which is why all my pictures are so sharp today. Careful, don't cut yourself. O_O
This book I just finished reading inspired me to tie a shoestring around my neck...
Oh look, sandals. What are those red things? Good question; they keep the shoes attached to my feet. 

From my shop I have my hand crochet bag which I love love and mean to stuff it into some sort of huggable thing for lonely nights. The headband is a wonderful multifunctional piece which I wear sometimes as a belt, and other times as a necklace. And of course my favorite pink and black happy bracelet...

And here's a little event news: if you find yourself in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, this weekend I will be selling my craftwork at this new artist market, (Bulletin Market) which promises to be fun. At N8 and Driggs on Saturday and Sunday (9th & 10th July), from 11am - 7pm. Stop by so I can try and sell you some bracelets. (They are AMAZING, and you NEED one or seven.)

Have a blast!


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