Personal Style: My Dream Arabian Shirt Dress

Perhaps for the rest of the world, although it is very hard to believe, there is no such thing as an Arabian day/nightshirt dress. But not only did it once exist primarily in my imagination, it now exists in my wardrobe. You are seeing here a photo of myself in it. A super soft white cotton shirt which one can sleep in, wear about the house in bare feet, wear out either day or night and enjoy its teases by the wind
It had only ceased raining, about two hours, when I shot this.
The problem with the dream Arabian shirt dress is that when it gets warmer, I usually have to let long sleeves alone. My body fathoms itself an underground stream of sorts, and loves to flood my clothes, especially under my arms. Although the prints it makes are incredible, they are not the sort of art that is very cool to share with others. But I found this awesome antiperspirant, Certain Dri (works like magic!), and now I not only have my wonderful dream shirt but can wear it, too. Hashtag WOOT.
And if you like my fun hair piece, favorite minimalist necklace, everyday happy bracelet, and crochet bucket bag, please find them in my shop, Mawusi. They are all handmade by me, and I am happy to make any one of them for you, too. Besides, I will be totally grateful for your support. ;)

Have a beautiful weekend!


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