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It has been a while since I shot myself in a public space. So on my way to do this shoot I wondered if it would be more challenging than the last time. But I was pleasantly surprised to find myself much more comfortable than I had ever felt shooting in public. It seems I have become comfortable doing something I once found extremely nerve-racking and embarrassing.

printed scarf & dress - gift  ||  shawl & cardigan -- I made them  ||  bracelet -- mawusi  

As I watched the grasses move softly in the wind I thought they were not unlike a wild orchestra, and as I examine this photo in which I am actually falling, a brilliant idea took form: would not it be awesome if one could stand in the midst of grasses and pretend to be a a very mad and passionate conductor? One would then be forced to actually pay close attention to nature's song and thus move one's hands in dance to it

I wish thee a most beautiful weekend!
(And I will be in Brooklyn, at the Renegade Craft fair, selling my handmade work so stop by if you find yourself in the neighborhood. It will be very nice to see you)



  1. Wow, I had not thought of the possibility to wrap a scarf like that !? You look just as tres F A B as I had imagined you to look like !

    1. Ah thank you! :D But you must be pulling my leg when you say you did not think of the possibility of my wearing your awesome art work as such. I assumed this was exactly the way you wanted me to wear it...and also as a head scarf. Oh and as a shawl, too! Xx


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