Personal Style: Illustrated Self

Happy Friday the 13th! So it's not that I am completely vain but pictured here are two of the best presents I have ever received. I came home to them on one of those days when one is compelled to draw a nice little circle on the wall, put a nice little spot in the center, and eagerly bring one's forehead to make crushing contact until one becomes unconscious. I opened the mailbox expecting the usual rubbish, and there it was, a little innocent looking package. It took a minute to remember that my friend whom I have never met said she was sending me a package! Of course, I cried when I opened it. Look at what my dear Vacuum Sales Girl––a wonderful illustrator and painter, and one of the most beautiful people I am lucky to know––sent me! If ever I meet you, dear Prudence––and I must!––I'll hug the air out of you. You just wait. :P
Now I am excited to wear these pieces. I have never owned a body-con dress and I am uncertain
how to wear it but that is the awesome thing about a good gift, it gives one a little challenge.


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