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Grad School Journal | The Thesis

It amuses me now that one of the last things I did in college was to write a paper on the ridiculousness of the notion of God. How could rational beings believe that there is God ? Look at this world! There seem better men than this god we  create  and feed our miseries. But here I am writing my thesis on God as the true definition of love, from the vantage point that we did not create God, (S)he created us. Weird, yes? Well, what is the point of reason if one cannot use it to see what is everywhere? It is rather obvious that what we call evil is minuscule in comparison to that which we declare to be good. We know evil only because we are often encircled in good. For many of us, there are more days of beauty than ugliness. But the purpose here is not to write about God.  See, the thing is, this thesis feels real. Like a sort of a message. There are so many thoughts/fears that I have struggled with over the years, thoughts and fears I only wanted to interpret in a single way: the r