Grad School Diary: The Last Semester?

The spring semester has always been a favorite of mine. The idea of sweating out finals then stepping into a long summer of fun induces motivation. This is partly the reason why I am elated about this term. But also because if everything goes as it might, I will graduate in the summer.  It is most interesting that I will be using a whole semester to write one paper. A new experience which feels rather cool! But it means also that my time management skills would be put to test. I am a procrastinator, after all, and a lot of time usually has a negative effect on my productivity. I have decided to work out a daily routine to research and write. Should I be successful, it would be wonderful, especially since all such past attempts have been unsuccessful. However, I just saw this Ted Talk on breaking bad habits which I think could be helpful in establishing new ones. What is awesome is that I am very lucky to have for an advisor an amazing professor through whom I have gained some of the most interesting and exciting perspectives on life. Prof. Masciandaro is not easy, hence the whole thing should be the more challenging, thus a great learning experience. My thesis is on love through the lens of sin based on a Revelation of Love by Julian of Norwich. The goal is to write an impressive paper; something I can brag about nonstop; something I can start sentences with and bring up in the middle of conversations that are not in the least related. The sort of thing that one can become a broken record about––eventually all your friends have it memorized, not because they wished to, but because they have heard you say it too many freaking times! I will probably frame it on my wall. I am serious. Hence it must be a work of art. But easier said than done, right? This is why I am daring myself to prove to myself (who better can I really impress?) just how good of an essayist I can be. Just this once. I do not plan to write anymore research papers. The understatement is, therefore, I am excited.

Photo: When one loves a poem but is too lazy to memorize it, one writes it and admires it. These lines, beginning Eliot's "Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," are from Dante's Inferno.

Happy February!


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