A Fashion Tale: The First Cowgirl Boots

They are ugly aren't they? It's why I thought I would never meet a pair of cowgirl boots that could win me over. But I did, six years ago. We had loads of fun until the fall of 2014 when I broke a heel. It was painful. Not my legs, just the thought of having to feed my precious boots to the garbage.
Then I remembered a friend told me once about fixing the heels of her boots. And although it could probably be "cheaper" to buy a new pair, I couldn't possibly imagine another being as accepting, and as beautiful as my old pair. So I kept them, broken and all (my budget, after all,  keeps itself in a grave: frothing at the mouth). Well, I got them fixed last week and it feels sooo good! The shoemaker
was brilliant and he did such an awesome job. I wanted to hug him but a shelf separated us and it didn't cross my mind to climb over. I am reminded now that for most of my life I had no more than four pairs of shoes at a time and had them repaired and shined when they needed fixing and brightening. But I moved from one culture into another and in the process sacrificed some of my old ways to the new. Besides, it was less expensive to get shoes fixed in Ghana, and everyone did it. But it's past time I go back to having less material possessions. This time as a choice.
Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. No way, they're not ugly ! They got soul and some Parliament n Funkadelic feel to them !

    1. How do you find time to read my blog, dear? And is this your cue that I ought to listen to some soul or just Parliament and Funkadelic? I knew not neither but I'm listening to Parliament now. A thousand kisses for that sweet little sunshine of yours! (Please steal some for yourself.) XX


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