The Day Bowie Died (A Poem)

The Day Bowie Died
     After The Day Lady Died

It was one of those Sunday nights
when tiredness is mental
and the calm reaches inside to
massage away the aching.

For distraction I
scrolled through the New Yorker 
and paused to read,
"The Beautiful Meaninglessness of David Bowie."

Who is Bowie?
His name had been floating about
some of my favorite spaces.

"But the main way in which 'Blackstar'
is prime Bowie
is in its willingness to embrace nonsense."
says Greenman.
I go to YouTube

and listened.

No, it is not about the Ghanaian football team.
(Black Stars!)
How come I did not know Bowie?

It was late and I

logged off of Sirvin to hang with Julian of Norwich
guessing not that


would not know Monday.
So when he asks in
"Girl Loves Me,"

“Where the fuck did Monday go?”
did he mean the
3rd day after his 69th birthday?

Jane Odartey


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