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Grad School Journal | Purgatory + Saint Augustine

School is over and other than that I messed up my final exams and paper, the semester was fantastic. I needed this class for its perspectives on life. God always makes for an interesting topic and the mystic's point of view on the Divine is thought-provoking.  I used to think that the Supreme Being is an entity we love for what she can do for us. Hence my love for God blossoms when things seemed good and my disbelieve is strong when things appear awful. It never crossed my mind that God must be loved for herself; that God is more than the monster one creates to punish others. That to love God is to be doing oneself a favor. Mysticism allows an individual approach to God and suggests there is a good reason that we do not know what we do not know.  The mystic believes that God is the answer to that unquenchable thirst that drives our unquenchable desires. It is only God that can satiate, in a way that is never tiring. Neat? They also believe that the Good can be acquired in life–

Poetry: A Sign-Seeker by Thomas Hardy

A Sign-Seeker by Thomas Hardy I mark the months in liveries dank and dry,   The day-tides many-shaped and hued;   I see the nightfall shades subtrude, And hear the monotonous hours clang negligently by. I view the evening bonfires of the sun         On hills where morning rains have hissed;   The eyeless countenance of the mist Pallidly rising when the summer droughts are done. I have seen the lightning-blade, the leaping star,   The caldrons of the sea in storm,         Have felt the earthquake’s lifting arm, And trodden where abysmal fires and snowcones are. I learn to prophesy the hid eclipse,   The coming of eccentric orbs;   To mete the dust the sky absorbs,       To weigh the sun, and fix the hour each planet dips. I witness fellow earth-men surge and strive;   Assemblies meet, and throb, and part;   Death’s soothing finger, sorrow’s smart; —All the vast various moils that mean a world alive.       But that I fain would wot of s

Photography: Wired

Rego Park, Queens, NY - Jane