Photography: Nasozi's Work Studio

I went to Brooklyn the other day to check out my friend's work studio.
Always curious about individual spaces and how we put them together,
I was eager to see what Nasozi had done with her new one.  I loved the way she exhibited her materials and the intimate ways in which tools and decor combined to generate warmth. 
So I took a few pictures to share with you.


  1. Do you have a studio or workspace Jane? Something tells me it would be tres inspiring...

    1. Hello Jhaneel. How are you? :) I have a workspace; a very very very messy table with a reed in an empty raspberry marmalade jar, several jars of tea, a few anthologies, some leaves I picked up this fall, a basket of wooden stamps, a bottle of crocheting hooks and knitting needles, and Sirvin (my laptop). It sounds pretty but it is not. And It is not getting photographed because it is too intimate...and not at all picturesque. Thank you for the compliment. My head is now too big for my poor little neck. ^_^ I hope I get to see you one of these days. xx


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