Style: Wax Print Fever

I spent the afternoon of the day I turned 29 shooting this. If you think I look angry, I am quite happy. This is actually my usual facial disposition. Surprised? :) It is not intentional. Just a bad habit that I did not even know about until quite recently. Now I am trying to re-arrange my features from their frozen scowl and it is taking some effort. However, I find it quite endearing. It is my face, after all. ^_^
Meet Elionora. She walked up to me when I had just finished shooting and wanted to know what was up. Her father is a photographer and she is contemplating taking up the medium. She starts Brooklyn College this year and was wondering about the two hour trip to Flatbush from Queens. Is it awful? Especially since back and forth equals four hours. Not bad, I told her. I do a lot of reading on the train. We chatted for about an hour or so because she was really easy to talk to, very open, and since I do not meet people like her often, a quite refreshing encounter. If you ever read this, Elionora  it was a pleasure meeting you and I wish you the very best in all that you do. xx
I love how much wax print I am wearing in this outfit and how all the pieces are contemporary and manage, somehow, to not be overwhelming. In my hair are my Dipoyo Pillbox hats, which you have also seen hereherehere and here. They are favorites of mine which is not surprising seeing as the design is inspired by the coming of age ceremony for girls of my tribe, the Dipo, and one of my favorite fashion trends, Harajuku girls. The cross dangle earrings are from my grandma. They are my favorite and oldest earrings. The crop top is my work too, but it is a limited edition design that is now sold out. The belt used to belong to my brother and so did the pants which I have been wearing a lot this summer. My favorite thing about men's pants is their pockets; they are deep and comfortable. On my wrist is my Happy Koryo bracelet, which I feel naked without. The bag is handmade in Ghana. I got it from Fulton Flea but  unfortunately cannot recall the name of the brand.  I liked the cut and print, but have made some alterations. I added a braided yarn strap and replaced a velcro closure with a wax print Japanese flower snap——very happy with it now. See the before picture below.

Have a beautiful weekend.
Jane Odartey


  1. Jane ! I find this so awesome. I never had anyone write about me, so it feels pretty dope to have some sort of impact on someone's life. I am glad you enjoyed my presence. Believe it or not I check your blog almost every day. Your an amazing writer and sometimes I do find myself re reading a lot of the things that you right. But I'm catching up haha ! Hope to see you in Brooklyn college .

    Much Love,
    Elionora ❤️

    1. Elionora! I am so glad to hear from you. And I see that I spelt your name wrong. I will correct it. Oh yes I enjoyed your presence and I was also inspired by it. Thank you for reading my blog. It is very flattering that you have done so. Yes, It will be wonderful to see you on campus——I hope you are enjoying your new classes. Much love to you, too. xx


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