Style: So Sun Soaked

More often than not I do my style shoots several days ahead but things sort of took over this week and loads of stuff went in a manner outside routine. So this afternoon I went to the park to shoot and what a lovely afternoon it was. A most ideal afternoon; breezy with a sweet enticing sunshine of perfect warmth. I felt so happy to be able to feel the wind play with my clothing and go through my hair. It felt like the world was alright; that it always had been and always will be, and I sung old songs from my elementary school days. A most splendid day; I am grateful to God for it.

Now, what am I wearing here? O_O The shirt is from Mother. I sometimes layer it with a skirt or my favorite pair of jeans. The bag is the same tote I had on with my tutu dress. I have gotten into the habit of holding it like a paper bag when I am not carrying too much. I love the minimized look and its feel in my hands. The chunky statement necklace is handmade by Nao of IKKX, a beautiful woman and a wonderful artist. Though made to be worn as a choker I prefer wearing it long. The dress is my favorite maxi ever. I have had it for some years now and worn it so many summer days. The bracelet is my little Happy Koryo in Sunshine Blues——how fitting! ;) And I am wearing a pair of Chale Wote (loosely translates to "let's go, mate"), as we call flip-flops in Ghana. Because I was reminded that socks days are not too far away. Talking of Chale Wote, there is this big street arts festival named as such. It pops up early August in Accra. Note to self: If we win the lottery we can make it home for the Chale Wote Festival! Onulo?!
I wish you the sort of weekend people write nostalgic songs about.
Jane Odartey


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