Photography: Essence Street Style Block Party 2015

Give me that tutu, you! ^_^
Love the purple hair. It looks edible. Note to self: should we ever decide to dye the hair, violet must be considered.
OMG!!!! And let's leave it at that. O M G ! ! ! !
Olivia Dope! That is her name. I am sure the dope is a pseudonym but she owned it! Wonderful DJ, this one. Très brilliant.
This is Mel B...
And this one is Gabrielle Union. She was given the Essence Closet Crush award...
And this is CYNTHIA! My partner in crime. She was so much fun! And very kind to help me hate on fat delicious looking pineapple drinks that were soaring all over the place. Fifteen freaking dollars each! Are you kidding me? What is this world coming to? But I am sure they were worth it for I still want that pineapple.
Zeee crowd was as thick as that guy's afro in the third photo. Man.
Cool as you please. The moment my eyes zoomed in on him I was compelled to ask for a photo. Noticed how he cuffed his pants? How wicked?!
I love this photo. The people in the background make it the more interesting. She was struggling with a blue umbrella when I saw her. I thought the umbrella made a beautiful contrast with her fuchsia top and I wanted it in the photo but it was broken. She was so sweet it made me like her. 
Photo of me by Cynthia Via
It was popping alright. Super glad I went even 
though I was a little unwell.There was so much
 impressive and inspiring styles about, it was hard 
not to stop gasping and pointing. And though I could 
not sing most of the songs, I danced to all of them. 
I hope they were not choking-full of awful insults.  
Until next year, WOOT!


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