Style: Pink Tutu Dress Tops Parsley Print Skirt

Layering is my thing——one of the reasons why I welcome colder days. But it is a little challenging to wear more in the summer, especially when you sweat not unlike a pig. I try, though. In hot weather, I love wearing multiple lightweight materials. They encourage a feeling of floating about, and when the wind blows, I love the ruffles that swim through the clothes. Mother gave me the tote recently. Totes make sense. Life is made easier by them, especially when I carry Karma (my camera). The tutu dress I have worn here before. I have had it for almost six years now. There used to be this H&M store I frequented back in my college years when free time between classes meant shopping. It was on sale and because I had always wanted a dress just like that, and the color was also perfect, it came home with me. We have been having a blast since.
I thrifted the parsley print oxblood skirt recently at a Salvation Army in Manhattan; you've seen me wear it here.  And I think I heard angels sing when I saw the price tag. The belt is a Koryo necklace that never got knotted. And I made the bracelet; they are my happiness on a wrist. The shoes I got from Payless. I am trying to find a pair of good tennis shoes that can last at least two summers. But not converse or toms. Any recommendations?

May your weekend be wickedly good.


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