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Style: Skirting Khakis


Music Review: Freedom by Pharrell Williams

Let's do music today. First things first, Pharrell Williams is hot. Now that that is over with, onward to less important things; a review of his new music, "Freedom." I cannot get enough of least for now. "Happy" introduced me to Williams. Prior to that song I cannot recall knowing of him. The dude is smart. I thought "Happy," might have been a coincidence but now I know it is not. He knows his audience and serves them well by delivering melodic chants of the things we all desire and strive for. Who does not want to be happy or free? See, dude is cool and that is why his new song is on reeeeepeat!

The lyrics are beautifully spiked with poetry. I have copied the whole thing for you below.  As mentioned above, the song has been on repeat and as I was being swayed by the wonderful beats and chants of "Freedom,"––head nodding and bobbing; hands shooting into the air; feet tapping tapping tapping away––I could not help but wonder what fr…

Poetry: Alone by Edgar Allan Poe

by Edgar Allan Poe

From childhood’s hour I have not been  As others were—I have not seen  As others saw—I could not bring  My passions from a common spring—  From the same source I have not taken  My sorrow—I could not awaken  My heart to joy at the same tone—  And all I lov’d—I lov’d alone—  Then—in my childhood—in the dawn  Of a most stormy life—was drawn  From ev’ry depth of good and ill  The mystery which binds me still—  From the torrent, or the fountain—  From the red cliff of the mountain—  From the sun that ’round me roll’d  In its autumn tint of gold—  From the lightning in the sky  As it pass’d me flying by—  From the thunder, and the storm—  And the cloud that took the form  (When the rest of Heaven was blue)  Of a demon in my view— ---
Listen to my reading of "Alone" below:

Photography: Greens of Summer

Sometimes, like yesterday's late afternoon, I walk with head  and eyes turned up to sky. To an ever-changing  abstraction of cotton coated serene blues of bursting golden  highlights, in exhibition. As clouds drifted, not too fast, not too slow,  realization rested at I feel as I do about greens of summer, like clouds. Displays are quick evolving transition——all but peak and float away:  bare, not bare, bare: welcoming warmer days is synonymously   goodbying. Great doses of beauty  in little frames of time. Sublime.
-- Jane

Opinion: On Not Being Ruled by the Opinions of Others

It is nice, isn't it? When people like us. Especially when it is those we admire.  Once I tweeted something about Gary Shteyngart and he liked it and I went crazy because I am a fan of his writing. For a day or two I looked like I had swallowed the sun. It's very nice, that feeling of being approved of. Yet I have never wanted the approval of the majority as it requires commitment that is difficult to maintain for a multitude.  Attempts to have several successful relationships can only leave one feeling drained. It takes a lot of energy to please people.  
As I become more accepting of myself, I am happier with fewer people to indulge and be accepted by. This makes the choosing of friends even more important. I am happier when people I respect reciprocate my affections, at the same time it is completely fine if they do not return my feelings. There is something  nice about being able to like someone who does not return your sentiments. This feeling could feel epic if you have …

Style: Lazy Summer Day in the Park


Grad School Diary: Missing School

Ah yes, I am still "in" school. I am yet to finish.  The last time I went to class was the fall of 2013. It has load to do with money. At first I thought I would not survive the anxiety of being so close to finishing and not being able to. But time subdued the sentiment. Sometimes friends will ask, "Hey, so you've finished your graduate program?" and when I say no, "Oh!" is issued with an accompanying odd look. Then, "why?" At first it was embarrassing. As if I ought to be ashamed for not being able to afford school. But I still do think it ridiculous that one has to pay for an education, especially in the United States! Like seriously?! It makes absolutely no sense to me. I will spare you the rant this time. But maybe I ought to be ashamed. I am, after all, in a CUNY and tuition is not as awful as the private institutions.

School has always been something I enjoyed. Even back in Ghana where there was corporal punishment involved; even at t…

Poetry: Spirits Unchained by Keorapetse Kgositsile

Spirits Unchained
by Keorapetse Kgositsile

If destroying all the maps known
would erase all the boundaries
from the face of this earth
I would say let us
make a bonfire
to reclaim and sing
the human person

Refugee is an ominous load
even for a child to carry
for some children
words like home
could not carry any possible meaning
must carry dimensions of brutality and terror
past the most hideous nightmare
anyone could experience or imagine

Empty their young eyes
deprived of a vision of any future
they should have been entitled to
since they did not choose to be born
where and when they were
Empty their young bellies
extended and rounded by malnutrition
and growling like the well-fed dogs of some
with pretensions to concerns about human rights

Can you see them now
stumble from nowhere
to no

the premature daily death of their young dreams
what staggering memories frighten and abort
the hope that should ha…

Photography: Jacob Lawrence: The Migration Series Exhibition at MoMA

Since its inception, I have been thinking to see Jacob Lawrence's Migration Series at MoMA. But I put it off and forgot all about it until I was reminder by Edwidge Danticat's recent article in the New Yorker.  The exhibition is brilliant. Just walking into the rooms, absorbing Lawrence's art, reading poems by the likes of Langston Hughes, and Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon and watching  Billie Holiday, in a little dark room with fat ottoman chairs,  perform Strange Fruit was pretty cool. In a hallway the blues bellowed soft, sad, sweet, and hopeful. But the exhibition does not end at MoMA, it continues online. This is one exhibition one ought to see. It has a lot to say about human nature and  about a particular group of people, in their fight to be treated as human beings. The exhibition closes September 7, 2015. If you see it and want to share your experience, I am eager to hear it. Thank you.
-- Jane

Observation: Girl on Scooter Skateboard

Skating so hard, I heard her before I saw her.
If I were asked to guess her gender I would have
said a boy. A teenage boy. But no, she was a skinny
little girl, no more than ten, I will bet. Her
skinny brown face fearless as she rode
a scooter skateboard as though it was one with her
feet——with confidence and grace. I watched
her unsmiling face, and noticed her watchful eyes.
They never met mine. They did not seek approval,
they did not search, they took in what was before
them. As if to be aware only. And as she made to

turn back in the direction she came from
I noticed her reflexes——very very quick. And
again very elegant. She can become a dancer, I thought.
Any kind she wishes to be. The sound of hard
ties on pavement became fainter and I hoped
no one will ever tell her what it means to
be a "girl." But the fear left me immediately;
they are already telling her. She was skating
in a pink dress. But she will choose what to be.
That was obvious in her eyes, in the hands th…

Personal Style: Granny Squares Top Maxi Dress

headband - belt to an old jeans from eons ago bead choker - i have had it since my late teens crochet granny square top - i made it ^_^ crochet bag - i made it ^_^
fabric belt - mawusi fabric and yarn bracelets - mawusi maxi dress - t.j.maxx (i think) sandals - t.j.maxx location - corona, queens

Book Review: Lincoln the Unknown by Dale Carnegie

In a class for public speaking back in college, I won a copy of Lincoln the Unknown by Dale Carnegie. Abraham Lincoln always sounded good to me. Not the man for I did not really know anything about him. But I found beauty in the name. Slowly say Abraham Lincoln, about five times out loud. You see? It has rhythm. Now say "Abe-Lincoln." Does it not sound like a dictionary word with a given meaning? The other Abraham Lincoln I like is the image of the man on the five dollar bill.  The big ears that look like they might have heard some not very nice things said about them, yet cannot help but stay put; the tiny eyes a little above the high cheekbones; the big long nose above the thin lips bracketed by deep lines; all give the observer plenty to wonder about. Especially now that I know that face was the uppermost part of a 6' 4" gaunt frame. Because I know very little American history, I only knew that Lincoln had something to do with the Emancipation Proclamation that …

Poetry: Prayer at Sunrise by James Weldon Johnson

Prayer at Sunrise
by James Weldon Johnson

O mighty, powerful, dark-dispelling sun,
Now thou art risen, and thy day begun.
How shrink the shrouding mists before thy face,
As up thou spring’st to thy diurnal race!
How darkness chases darkness to the west,
As shades of light on light rise radiant from thy crest!
For thee, great source of strength, emblem of might,
In hours of darkest gloom there is no night.
Thou shinest on though clouds hide thee from sight,
And through each break thou sendest down thy light.

O greater Maker of this Thy great sun,
Give me the strength this one day’s race to run,
Fill me with light, fill me with sun-like strength,
Fill me with joy to rob the day its length.
Light from within, light that will outward shine,
Strength to make strong some weaker heart than mine,
Joy to make glad each soul that feels its touch;
Great Father of the sun, I ask this much.


Photography: China Through the Looking Glass: An Exhibition at the Met

Afterwards I realized I had not seen the entire exhibition. The plan is to go back as it is really quite mesmerizing. It is not about Chinese fashion, per se, but rather the influences of Chinese culture on Western fashion through the ages. If you are into the sort of thing, the exhibition goes on through September 7th at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  -- Jane

General Update: Excuses Without I

yelloooo again
did not feel like blogging which opened a break from routine because little misery in peace is welcomed especially in this confusion of three seasons
working on Mawusi fw15
heavy the weight of feelings of anguish from killings of people with skin color was and still soaking in financial worries Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone an interesting distraction
then Regarding the Pain of Others
Sontag Susan been busy hiding from Mother she keeps with the when are you going to get a job song now she adds you are almost 30 groan groan grown
of course she is right she is always right
started feeling lonely
ought to make a playlist for days as such not alone days alone often rarely lonely a playlist to make lonely known break down weeping or eyes eyeing nothing
ears earring nothing
numbed to lulling despair
no hair pulling
is it as bad as it sounds
the talks about
the fear of
arrowing to old age
is it really known
to get acquainted now
is to ans…