Personal Style: The First Kameez

Ever since I saw my first Indian movie around the age of eight or nine I have been wanting, very badly, my own Sari. And I will get one as soon as I win the lotto. Or come into good money. I went to Jackson Heights, only an hour or so walk away, (yes I could have taken the train but it was a beautiful day) to get some spices to make a super spicy masala chai I have been craving.
Right next to the spice shop were several Indian clothing shops. I tried so hard to walk away, but ended up in one, then I tried so hard to walk out without buying anything, and ended up exiting with my first Salwar Kameez. And here I am wearing the Kameez. I love it! The Salwar (pajama pants) are very awesome, too. Loose and comfortable. But I didn't want to wear them together. 

My earrings are from a Parisian client/friend. She sent them to me for Christmas and they came in January. So I got an early Christmas this year.  The cool thing about them is that I would never have bought something like that myself but they are so incredibly cool that I have been wearing them a lot.
earrings - gift 
kameez - Jackson Heights, Queens
jeans - daffy's
shoes - marshalls
fabric and yarn bracelets - mawusi
blue bead bracelet - gift
gold cuffs bracelet - gift (from my granny!)



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