Poetry: Valéry as Dictator by Amiri Baraka

Valéry as Dictator
by Amiri Baraka

Sad. And it comes
tomorrow. Again, gray, the streaks
of work
shredding the stone
of the pavement, dissolving 
with the idea
of singular endeavor.  Herds, the
of suffering intelligences
and out of 
hearing. Though the day
come to us
                    in waves,

                                       sun, air, the beat
of the clock.
                       Though I stare at the radical 
              wishing it would stand still.
                                                                 Tell me,
and I gain at the telling.
Of the lie, and the waking
against the heavy breathing
of new light, dawn, shattering
the naive cluck
of feeling.
                   What is tomorrow  
that it cannot come 

Listen to my reading of "Valéry as Dictator" below:


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